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Product description

Aero Wrap Ultra – innovative bale wrapping film solution.

In opposition to most bale wrapping films, Aero Wrap Ultra is made especially for your country and climate. As Aero AB Company, we have a huge experience in agricultural packagings all over the world.

Film has increased UV filters that ensure quality silage even up to 24 months in 240 Kly.

You can find our products from Panama, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, to Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

To our experience on agicultural packagings field we added professional partnership and care for customer needs. That's why our brands are so popular.

Made from highest quaity material – octans, Aero Wrap Ultra is quality film that rapidly entering to world's markets.

Aero Wrap Ultra is multilayer blown film that gives you quality and cost savings. Very strong and extremely resistant for any mechanical or punctual damages or tearings.

Unique mixture of components gave us very elastic, stretchy quality product. It's perfectly shapes a bale and is very resistant to dry and sharp stalks. Film works perfectly with all balers available at the market.

Double glue technology perfectly holds all film layer together successfully preventing any gas exchange and losing nutrition values. First, glue is activated during wrapping process. Adhesive layer start working after sun exposition – for better stickness and preventing gas exchange, giving the best silage.

Why Ultra? Because reducing thickness to 20 mic. we didn't change any of it's high, unique parimeters. Roll is much lighter than standard one, however length is still the same. Reduced thickness is also less garbages after opening a bale.

Film is fully recycleable after opening a bale. We care about environment – that's why Aero Wrap Ultra is considered as quality and same time most environment friendly plastic film at global market.

Advanced technology used in production process gave even better results in comparision to standard 25 mic film.

Aero Wrap Ultra is perfect for wrapping bales of grass, alfalfa, maize, sugar beet silage, turf and even industrial waste/garbages.

We care about our customers and quality we give. Knowing, that climate is different all over the world we are not taking a shortcut to success.

Every roll of Aero Wrap Ultra is defferent – it's made especially for your country and your climate.

Technical data:


20 mic.

Available standards:

500 mm/1800m; 750 mm/1500m


250 mm/1800m; 270 mm/1500m


1000 mm/1000m


Paper / plastic (on demand)


Eco-green, white or black


Cardboard box

To give customers full satisfy, we offer a wide range of Aero Wrap Ultra width's: from 200mm to 1500mm. Ask for your custom size.

Film is made in Poland, EU. That guarantee reliable of our company and quality of products.

More data on request.


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